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What an experience! As a first time Mum I was sceptical about whether placenta encapsulation would be for me however the level of knowledge Hollie provided me with made me confident in my next steps. I started taking the capsules straight away and I have not felt the fatigue that everyone warns you about. My baby is two weeks old and despite the night feeds and hundreds of visitors I feel full of energy and my mood is high, couldn't recommend Pure Placenta enough, huge thank you!

Jenni, Liverpool

Such an amazing experience to have this done. I've felt so many benefits, especially when comparing to my first baby. I honestly didn't feel like I'd just had a baby, even in the first week. I bled for six weeks with my first and only six days with this one! Hollie is such a lovely person and makes sure everything is perfect for you, couldn't recommend her enough!

Bethany, Liverpool

I was taking the capsules for three weeks and felt great, lots of energy and just happy all round. I went away for a week and forgot to take them. By day three, I was feeling low, tired and weepy. Been back on them for a week again and I feel great. They have worked for me 100%. Thanks so much Hollie!

Clair, Liverpool

I have been taking the capsules for over a week now and I feel very well. I have lots of energy and I'm not at all weepy or overwhelmed.

Katie, Bangor

I have been taking my capsules for just on three weeks now and wow! This is my third baby and the way I feel compared to previous post births is just beyond words. I feel full of energy, so happy and just love every minute of being a Mum for the third time. I was slightly worried about how I would feel as I certainly didn't feel this good after my previous babies. I am now ordering a tincture for after the tablets finish.Thank you so much Hollie!

Andrea, Ormskirk

Very friendly from the first time I contacted her, a great service. We live in Wrexham and baby was born at 2am but Hollie collected placenta by 9am., excellent service. Tablets arrived promptly and when I started taking them I noticed less fatigue than I did with my first daughter, also ordered a tincture for future. I would recommend people consider as excellent, stress free service. Thanks very much!

Lorna, Wrexham

I suffered from post natal depression with my first baby and I have been like a different woman after this one! A few tears yes, but I feel amazing, full of energy and ready to take on each day whatever it may bring. I forgot to take them for a couple of days and was more teary with less energy. Such a lovely lady to deal with too!

Lucy, Liverpool

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