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At Pure Placenta, client satisfaction is our number one priority. We operate at the highest standard whilst offering our clients a personalised service.


We believe every mother deserves to have the benefits of her placenta, which is why we offer payment plans on placenta encapsulation packages, making our services more accessible to everybody. 

We offer our services across Merseyside and Lancashire. A courier fee may apply. To enquire whether a courier fee would be applicable for your location please email

Placenta Capsules - Steamed Method £200


This method involves steaming and infusing the placenta with lemon, ginger and chilli. After this, the placenta is then dried out and ground in to a fine powder before being placed in to size 0 vegetarian capsules. This method yields on average 20% less capsules than the Simple Method.

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Placenta Capsules - Simple Method £200

This method involves washing and drying the placenta before seeing the drying out process start from its raw state. It is then ground in to a fine powder before being put into size 0 vegetarian capsules. This method produces on average 20% more capsules than the Steamed Method.


Placenta Capsules - 50/50 method £250

For Mums who want to experience the best of both worlds, we offer our 50/50 option. The placenta is halved before following each of the above methods of production. 

Prescription Drugs
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Oil Skincare Package £70

Our beautiful skincare range is made using only quality organic oils. These can be added to any order as a package (all three) at a discounted price, or individually. Individual Prices are listed below.

    Baby Massage Oil £25

Stretch Mark Oil £35

Night Rescue Facial Oil £45


Homeopathic Remedy £70

A small piece of placenta will be preserved and sent to a homeopathic remedy specialist. You will be provided with two strengths of your homeopathic remedy; 30c for adult use and 7c for babies.

Placenta Essence £50

A Placenta Essence is made using a small piece of placenta and steeping it in 150ml of 40% vol alcohol before removing it and adding 150ml of distilled water. This remedy will be ready and delivered the same time as your capsules.

Placenta Tincture £70

A Placenta Tincture is made using a small piece of placenta and steeping it in 300ml of 40% vol alcohol for six weeks. After this, it will be delivered with an additional dropper bottle to add to your spring water and sip throughout the day. As this method takes six weeks to prepare it is an ideal remedy for those who don't want the benefits to end as it can be used when your capsules are running out.

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