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What happens after I've booked in?

After you are booked in we will send you a container, a cooler bag and ice packs. The ice packs should be placed in the freezer ready to be taken to the hospital.

When you go in to labour take the container, cooler bag and ice packs to the hospital with you and send me a text so I know to stay close to home, then when you've had the baby just text me again and I will come and collect it from the hospital / home.

You just need to tell the midwife beforehand that you wish to keep your placenta. After you have given birth, ask the midwife to place the placenta inside the container in the cooler bag with the ice packs around it until I collect it. 

Can I use my placenta if I have a caesarian?

Yes this has no impact on your placenta. Just ensure your care team are aware that you wish to keep your placenta.

Can I have a water birth?

Yes. However the placenta must be birthed on dry land. Should the placenta be birthed in the water then it would be unsuitable for consumption due to possible contaminants in the water.

Are there any reasons that the hospital may not allow me to keep my placenta?

This is very rare. If there are significant abnormalities of your placenta, the healthcare team may send your placenta for further examination. Other conditions such as signs of infection during labour may deem your placenta unsuitable for consumption.


Can I use my placenta if I have a lotus birth?


Yes. A lotus birth is where the umbilical cord is not clamped and cut immediately, ensuring your baby gets all the oxygenated and nutrient rich blood from the placenta, the cord is then cut after the placenta has stopped pulsating. The placenta will need to go in the cooler bag with ice packs immediately after or if the ice packs have melted then placed in a refrigerator in the cooler bag provided.

What happens if my placenta is stained with meconium?

Meconium is the sticky, tar-like poo that your baby passes in its first few days. Sometimes the baby passes meconium in the womb or as it is born and this may stick to the placenta. In these cases the placenta will be thoroughly cleaned and stripped of membranes and I will only offer Steamed Dried method, ensuring all bacteria is killed.

When should I not take my capsules?

As the Steamed Dried Capsules are based on principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is not recommended that you take your capsules when you have a fever, flu or cold due to the 'yang' warming properties. I recommend buying a Placenta Essence or Tincture to compliment the Steamed Dried Capsules or alternatively purchasing the 50/50 option for capsules as opposed to just the Steamed Dried method.

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